Keith Barton

Barten Edit (Window Edge).jpg

As an Army Chaplain stationed in the Pacific during World War II, Keith Barton witnessed unspeakable horrors. He was on the first Jeep full of American soldiers to arrive in Hiroshima after our own military demolished it with an atomic bomb.

Recounting his experience, he doesn’t dwell on military strategy or the circumstances surrounding the attack, but I have heard him describe, in great detail, the leveled buildings, decimated roads, and devastation of people whose lives were irrevocably changed by the attack. Perhaps most striking to me are his photos from Hiroshima. All of his images clearly convey the great depth of both the victims’ suffering and his compassion towards them.

In Keith Barton, I see a wise man who, following the dictates of his conscience, weathered unthinkable storms and still maintained the strength to love and to smile. I respectfully salute him as an honest soldier and a true hero.


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